DL-blue I have found the Counsellors from Developing Lives to be very approachable, ready to help in anyway.

They conduct their service in a professional manner graciously and in love. They guide clients with how to manage their circumstances and to reach their full potential. I have recommended Developing Lives to my friends and family.


DL-blueI have been a client of Pam Johnson and Developing Lives Counselling and Support Centre on and off for many years now.

Whenever I have hit a wall, had a really difficult situation that I just could not cope with on my own, I have turned to talk with Pam. Despite the busy schedule she has, she has been there for me in my times of greatest need. She is compassionate, loving, and extremely knowledgeable.

Her sessions have helped me to get through tough experiences, to step out of emotions and into logic again and to build up my sense of self worth so that when life throws me curve balls, I can dodge them with ease now.

I cannot recommend Pam Johnson and Developing Lives Counselling and Support Centre high enough. If you need support, don’t wait, contact them. It will be the best action you have ever taken to care for yourself and your life.