Are you stressed yet?

Are you stressed yet?

This year is flying by with so many people running, doing one task after another. They are juggling family, work, social times and health care. Yes, we have been doing the same at Developing Lives with a very busy year. We know what it is like!! Do you feel you are on the home run for 2017, or still on the uphill climb, waiting for your relief to come?

For many, life is like the tides with ebbs and flows of good and difficult times. So, how we manage it will determine whether we cope well or not. It seems that as soon as we ‘steady the ship’ and take time out for a coffee and maybe take a stroll around the shops, we are faced with the reality of Christmas converging onto our lives again!!! Whether you love or avoid Christmas season, this time of year can become quite stressful, not only in the busyness, but also with the expectations and financial concerns. Overwhelming, maybe?

So, take some time out now, stretch a moment out with a cuppa and your favourite biscuit (even try our new Lavender Shortbread recipe) and pick up some ideas of how to manage this season well.

Here are some tips to help manage stressful times like Christmas:

  • Maintaining a balanced life style is so important: between work and play, healthy eating and partying, rest and busyness, lavish or simple living. Use a wall planner to lock in your commitments, colour coding the various activities in relation to stress levels. Then adjust as you need.
  • Make sure you have at least 7 – 8 hours sleep. When we get busy, we often cut back on rest time to make time for the increase in activity, especially for festive partying. If you suffer from busy brains and can’t get the quality sleep you need, or if you need power naps to survive well, we can show you how. Give us a call.
  • Healthy eating with wholesome foods. Don’t forget to eat the 2 pieces of fruit and 3 vegetables per day. Make sure you take time out for the 3 meals. Yes, starting with breakfast and including the morning and afternoon coffee/tea breaks, even if you don’t drink beverages. These breaks not only replenish the body, but allow you to relax the body muscles, take some deep breaths, and ‘turn the page’ in your mind. Switching gears in this way can lower the adrenaline levels and help you manage your stress levels regularly through you day.
  • Regular exercise can be termed, not only as healthy, but also a way of self-medicating. Exercise makes us fit physically and emotionally. It helps to keep our weight down and is energising while making us feel happy. It stimulates our ‘happy juices,’ including serotonin, which makes up smile and relieves the feeling of stress. To exercise for 20mins each day, possible in your lunch hour or immediately after work, can help alleviate those rising stress levels.
  • Manage your finances. Make sure you are aware of your budget and ensure your expenses meet these requirements. I am a great believer in making lists of presents to be bought, and of food and miscellaneous expenses, all of which needs to match the budget. If a purchase extends the budget, then you either avoid this purchase or adjust the budget accordingly. Don’t become indulgent just because it is the season. That will not work and will create unwanted stress.

Overall, find security within these boundaries so you have more ability to enjoy the build up to the festive season.