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Developing Lives offer counselling and support services, disability support services and education services. Please find information regarding referral processes under each specialist’s details. Each specialist operates their own business within the Developing Lives team.

Pamela Johnson

PamelaPamela Johnson

Counsellor, Family Therapist and Tutor

Pamela draws from over twenty years of professional counselling experience, healing people from past hurts and restoring them to who they were made to be. She helps many people to find a new direction in life and confidence in their future.

She uses a Family Therapy approach to assist couples and family units to heal and enrich their relationships. This includes assisting with communication and conflict resolution skills, learning parenting strategies, helping with emotional management and connectedness, managing stress and creating lifestyle balance, all the while, exploring the inter-generational play effecting the dynamics of the family unit.

Pamela bases her counselling strategies on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with the inclusion of Solution and Strength Based Therapies. When working with children, she uses a variety of expressive approaches, focusing around Sand Tray Therapy.


  • relationship counselling and family therapy
  • self-development
  • emotional management (anger, depression, stress, anxiety etc)

Pamela recognises that some do not want or need counselling, but are held back in life with the inability to read, spell or write. This often creates low self-worth and confidence, anxiety and depression with a lack of hope for their future.

Pamela is a tutor in literacy and has taught for over twenty years. The program she uses, Discovering Reading Through Sounds, not only gives skills in literacy, but is therapeutic in developing thought processing abilities, memory recall, creativity and skills in problem solving. This program has been successful in children of school age as well as adults, including those experiencing learning difficulties, autism and dyslexia.
Pamela welcomes referrals from all professional sources.

How to refer

While a written referral is not required, Pamela is happy to receive a phone call by either the professional or the client. She will also accept information via email.

Pamela is a WorkCover Queensland service provider and works on a fee for services basis.

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