Pamela Johnson

Pamela Johnson

Family Therapist and Counsellor

PamelaPamela has worked as a Counsellor, Family Therapist and Family Support Worker in the last 20 years and more. She has learned that it pays to think outside the box, and to offer whatever is needed to offer a better way of living for her clients. She noticed an alarming amount of behavioural issues in teenagers which stemmed from low sense of self-worth, due to a lack of literacy skills.

Pamela appreciates fully the difficulties in living without these skills. This was her life experience for many years! As a consequence, she accepted a mediocre level of achievement in life. Having fought through these limitations and gaining professional qualifications, her life has been transformed, allowing her to believe that she was not “dumb”. She now believes “the sky is the limit”.


Pamela loves the privilege of assisting others to live their lives better. Whatever it takes, she draws from over 20 years of professional experience to heal people from past hurts and to restore them to who they were made to be. It is then possible for them to find a new direction and confidence for their future.

Pamela specialises in:

  • relationship counselling and family therapy
  • self development
  • emotional management

Pamela aims to assist in the general development of healthy and vibrant individuals and families. This requires working with individuals, couples and family groups. These session, therefore, will include people of all ages: children, teenagers and adults.

Everyone experiences tough times at some stages in their lives, and Pamela would be pleased to hear from you if you are seeking assistance. Whether you see the issues are from the past, in the present or regarding the future, give her a call.


Twenty years ago, Pamela began to tutor literacy skills, using a fast-tracked, phonics-based program called Discovering Reading Through Sounds. She still uses this program today to create new self-belief and behaviours in those who struggle to get ahead in life. When participating in this program, a new world opens up for these students and they began to see life as an adventure with a better hope for the future.

There are added bonuses to Discovering Reading Through Sounds. These include:

  • learning to spell, read and write well
  • increasing the student’s level of memory
  • stimulating their creative skills
  • improving problem solving skills
  • further developing thought processing skills
  • a high level of success with students experiencing learning difficulties
  • great success rates with those battling with disabilities such as dyslexia or autism.

Pamela has a passion to transform lives, in counselling and literacy tuition and whatever is needed beyond this. She would love to hear from you if this is what you need.

Email Pamela today or call her on 0431 540 929 to arrange an appointment.