Discovering Reading Through Sounds

Discovering Reading Through Sounds

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The inability to read, comprehend, spell or write can have a massive effect on a person’s life. They can believe they lack intelligence, feel down on their self worth and have a limited view for their future. They may think they will never get a job nor be able provide for themselves or any family life they may want to have. This often affects a person’s behaviour as they live these beliefs out each day. This does not have to be, however.

The professionals at Developing Lives have recognised the need for a literacy program that will not just help someone to read and write, but also develop the person’s thought processes, problem solving abilities, and to stimulate their creativity in the process. General self worth and confidence then improves, creating optimism for a better life and future.

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Discovering Reading Through Sounds is a phonics based program for all ages, designed to give quick results, allowing children to catch up at school when it is found they are getting behind. Adults can also acquire literacy skills quickly in preparation for employment. This program is designed to also help those with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia and Autism.

Happily reading documentsDiscovering Reading Through Sounds is a self paced program where the student is allowed time to cement the new knowledge and put it into practice, creating permanent improvements. Once they have completed the maintenance level, they become independent and self sufficient in their future learning processes.

Pamela has been teaching this program for over 20 years and would welcome the chance to help you too.

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