Director’s Note

Director’s Note

PamelaAs the Director of Developing Lives, I am excited when I reflect on the plans that are in place to assist people, enabling them to ‘live life better.’ Through my life’s lessons, as well as formal education, I have gained a passion to free other’s lives from the things that stop them from experiencing the fullness of life.

The vision for Developing Lives provides an exciting view of a company providing multiple strands of services, not just to provide counselling. Many clients are needing a holistic approach to get their lives back on track, and this vision provides for this.

It has been a great journey over the past years, and now Developing Lives has systems and professional staff in place to assist in counselling, disability support and educational services. Each of these services are able to work in a team approach in caring for those needing assistance. There is room also to add other services to complement what is already offered, so long as it fits within the overall vision of Developing Lives.

So, whether you are a person needing help to better your life, or whether you are a professional, seeking opportunity to put your skills into practice in a team approach, it will be worth your while to give me a call and talk over the choices you have in Developing Lives.

Pamela Johnson – 0431 540 929