Counselling and Support

Health Visitor Talking To Mother With Young Children

Angry? Addicted? Wayward kids? Grieved? Depressed? Fractured relationships?

Let’s get real! We’ve all got issues. It doesn’t make us a less valuable person. It just means we’ve all got ‘things’ from our pasts, as well as our present day situations, that influence the way we make choices in life – good or bad. The fact is, the things that we had happen in the past do influence the way we do life now. Developing Lives hears that. We’re all about helping you get past these issues and to help you do life better.

Developing Lives Counselling works on a three-pronged motto: Healing, Restoring, Growing. It is through this process that we can help you to become the best person possible. It is only through healing past hurts that you can be truly restored to the person you were made to be; you can then grow better in yourself with this restoration as a starting point, recognising your abilities and strengths but without hurts inhibiting you. It’s these steps that ensure you are on track to reaching your full potential.

Counselling Services

  • For individuals, couples and families
  • For children, teenagers and adults
  • After hours support available
  • Available for community presentations
  • Case management

Needs Addressed

  • Anger management
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Self-development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Parenting strategies
Our Counselling and Support Specialist

Pamela JohnsonPamela
Family Therapist, Counsellor