What we have in life is influenced by our attitude!

Joyce Meyers tells this story:

Joyce went into a coffee shop. While waiting for her coffee, she asked a woman how her day had been. The woman stated that, yet again, life had ‘thrown her under the bus.’ Joyce listened to all the things the woman had gone through, to which Joyce told the lady that life is about choices.

Joyce went on to explain that this woman could chose to stay ‘under the bus’ and be miserable, or she could get out from under the bus and “start driving that damned bus!!!” (as Joyce put it). In fact, Joyce suggested that, in driving the bus, instead of spending her days complaining about being under the bus, she would spend her days ‘picking up others who have also been thrown under that bus’ in life.

How many times do we chose to stay uncomfortably ‘under the bus’, complaining and hurting without tending to our wounds? We all need to find our way out, in order to heal so we can then be able to help others going through similar life experiences.

What about those of us who are driving the buses? Are we simply driving around, enjoying the scenery? What legacy in life do you create by doing this? Don’t get me wrong, I love a little R & R, but we are all in the business of helping others do life, whether we acknowledge this or not. No-one lives in a vacuum – we all have an effect on other people around us, either positive or negative.

It was reported some time ago, that a woman was literally and physically caught under a bus. She was injured and afraid. Amongst all the bystanders and those passing by, on foot or in cars, only one young man offered to help her. The rest either didn’t notice, were too busy, were too afraid to get involved or simply didn’t care. Some appeared to be more fascinated than empathic, taking photos with their phones! I hope we become as this one man was, and live each day having a positive influence to heal and encourage each other’s lives, ie. getting past our own self and investing into other people’s lives. The result? Blessings and a great level of satisfaction knowing we have enriched other people’s lives.

Let’s not get caught up in our own selves, becoming insular and self-serving. Great healing and blessings occur as we actually get into the business of helping others, despite our hurts.