Disability Support

DL-purpleDisability Support

Father and son play together

Developing Lives Disability Support can assist those with disabilities who struggle in gaining independence and utilising opportunities in their lives. We recognise that, whatever the disability may be, resources can be limited and difficult to access. The consultants at Developing Lives have had many years of experience in assisting not only the individual, but the whole family unit.

Our professionals specialise in the management of autism in people’s lives. We have great knowledge and experience in supporting the disabled with educational resourcing and assistance. We are available to liaise with other allied health facilities to ensure the best team approach is managed well.

Disability Support Services

  • Individual and family assistance
  • Centre, home or school visits
  • Community liaison
  • Case management
  • Community presentations

Needs Addressed

  • Autism management
  • Behavioural support
  • Early childhood support
  • Communication support
  • Post school options and transition
  • Life skill training
  • Technology training
  • Orientation and mobility

Our Disability Support Specialist

Michele Aitchison
Disability Specialist, Teacher