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Are you stressed yet?

ARE YOU STRESSED YET? This year is flying by with so many people running, doing one task after another. They are juggling family, work, social times and health care. Yes, we have been doing the same at Developing Lives with

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MOTHERS DAY – Celebrating Parents

Many of us have heard it said before: our children are our future; it takes a village to bring up a child; strong willed children become adults who can change the world.  These moments of thought all reflect the huge

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Managing Emotionally at Christmas

Some people can never get enough of the Christmas season. Others will take a deep breath as they look down the tunnel of time pressures, stress, and emotional challenges this season might bring. And some may choose to avoid it

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Tinsel and Tunes – Christmas triggers for those with Autism

With the approach and count-down of Christmas well on the way, for many people this can mean that senses will be stretched to capacity. For some with sensory difficulties, this time of year can be a very stressful one. Shopping

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What we have in life is influenced by our attitude! Joyce Meyers tells this story: Joyce went into a coffee shop. While waiting for her coffee, she asked a woman how her day had been. The woman stated that, yet

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